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Camel Milk vs Cow Milk

Camel Milk v Cow Milk
We Help Prevent Disorders and Allergies

Antioxidant Enzymes & Glycemic Control

Per Lori Chong, a registered dietitian at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, studies have shown that the consumption of camel milk increases production of antioxidant enzymes in the body and thereby lowering oxidative stress. Research in the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice showed that the consumption of camel’s milk can improve glycemic control while also lowering the insulin requirement of people with Type 1 diabetes.

We Help Prevent Disorders and Allergies

3X More Vitamin C than Cow Milk

According to researchers, camel milk is very rich in vitamin C. It contains up to 3 times more vitamin C than cow milk, and 1.5 times more than human milk. Possibly reaching nearly 10mg percent of the vitamin C content makes camel milk from Camilk an absolute title holder in this category.

We Help Prevent Disorders and Allergies

Camel Milk is Lower in Fat

Compared to cow milk fat, camel milk is slightly lower in total fat and saturated fat, which makes it an ideal component of the normal human diet. One of the values of camel milk is the high concentration of the fatty acids essential for human nutrition, like Oleic acid, which is known for its positive influence on blood pressure regulation.

Nutrition Facts About Camel Milk

For thousands of years, cultures in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East have been using camel milk for numerous remedies. Bedouins and Nomads are still reliant on the milk from the animal for medicinal and nutritional reasons. In fact, entire tribes solely depend on camel milk, along with a small quantity of other foods for several months due to the harsh conditions of the desert. These tribes did not suffer any apparent health issues.

In 2006, the UN (United Nations) spoke in high regards about the nutritional value of the milk from camels, and the governing body also predicted that the consumption of camel milk would only increase as it becomes easier for people to purchase. Fortunately, camel milk manufactured by Desert Farms is available to consumers in the UK.

Camel Milk Taste

Camel milk does not taste much different from cow's milk because it is milk. However, it does have a taste that is very distinctive. Many say it has a salty taste, but the taste is very refreshing and smooth. Most people are surprised when they taste it in the beginning because they are not sure if they will like it or not. However, for the most part, it can be consumed by people of all ages.

The camel milk we manufacture has a taste that is sweet, clean and light with a taste that is fresh. The actual taste will depend on the diet of the specific camel and the lactation stage when it was produced. Farmers also place the milk under constant lab testing for pathogens before it is packaged.

Are you or your kids picky? Simply add some sweet items to the milk like syrup or stevia. It can also be added as a liquid for your healthy smoothie. As you become accustomed to the taste, you will find that you automatically crave camel milk whenever you need an extra boost of energy.

The Price Of Camel Milk

Why does camel milk cost so much more than the vitamin-added, homogenized cow milk that is in the grocery store? The simple answer is that is not a lot of camels in the UK. In addition, they have much longer gestation periods, even more than humans with an average of 13 months. Finally, we do not have access to a lot of the camel breeding technology in the states as manufacturers do in the Middle East.

You can buy camel milk directly from our Camilk Dairy website.

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