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Camilk has already established, or is in the process of building camel farms all around the world. Our plan is tantamount to run at least one farm on each populated continent, in order to provide the best quality camel milk for the local markets.

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"At Camilk, we’ve put so much love into making sure that every drop of our camel milk is as delicious as it can be."

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Camel Milk In The UK

Milk is a nutritious drink that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Young children mostly rely on milk for a wide variety of essential nutrients needed to help them thrive. Whenever milk is mentioned, most people think about cow milk and disregard camel milk which is surprisingly better than cow milk in many ways.

So why choose camel milk over cow milk? Camel milk is very nutritious and has been used for ages for its medicinal properties.

CAMILK - Camel Milk

Our camel milk is full of healthy nutrients that can enrich a daily diet in ways other milks cannot. We understand that today's world demands the healthiest options for food and drinks. That's why we're doing our best to make camel milk available for all those who want to lead a healthier life.

Camel milk is also an excellent choice for those individuals who have type 1 Diabetes. It lowers the insulin demand by the body, and this helps relieve the symptoms caused by type 1 Diabetes patients. This milk has about three times the amount of Vitamin C contained in cow milk. It even contains more Vitamin C than human milk. In regards to the fat content, you'll notice that this milk has a lower fat content compared to cow milk, something that makes it a significant part of your diet.

Therefore, our mission is to reach those health conscious people - yes, that's you who demand healthier, and superior quality alternative to cow milk and its byproducts.

You can buy camel milk directly from our CAMILK website.

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